Police release timeline of deadly Las Vegas shooting

Police release timeline of deadly Las Vegas shooting

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department releases a timeline of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.


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  1. WillUTeachMe

    CCTV from the concert? What about from the hotel?!? Release those and body camera footage from officers. That's the only way the people will be satisfied. 100% transparency. This isn't just a simple case between two people. Thousands are being affected by this, so it should be a fully open case for the public to see all the evidence and to know exactly what the cops know.

  2. Storm Rider

    It took the police an hour and a half to deal with this guy? By the time they breached his hotel room, he had shot himself? This stinks to high heaven. Can anyone confirm reports of multiple shooters from the victims themselves? This whole situation is crazy. Can anyone make sense of it? My sincere condolences to the families of this insane act.

  3. Sebastian Corrales

    wow, Just like 9/11 – a timeline, people saying its a conspiracy, ignorant people destroying each other on the comment section and the president addressing it very 'calmly'.
    Please, keep talking corporate owned news stations. I only yawn when I’m super fascinated.

  4. Guzzi Antonella

    America has a problem: insanity – which murders at home and abroad. At home it is the private gun owner, the police and abroad it is the Nazi style military. No empathy for humanity! There is nothing which can bless you now America!

  5. Rick Ferry

    And all the while not addressing no less than 10 separate videos currently in the public space display multiple shots from various locations, clear from the audio available, including eyewitness accounts on the ground outside and at the hotel, including police dispatch reports stating such and a crime scene being addressed by the most professional investigative agency in the world with high winds blowing through it with large and heavy curtains flowing free and the room not secured from such with the accused shooter possessing a resume which has now been disclosed to include employment within the US Intelligence community possessing security clearance, recent sale of a personal aircraft to a Quantico based entity, with crime scene photos of the deceased blood and spatter patterns not supporting the claims and act of the event.

    If indeed a random authentic act and event, no eyewitnesses and material indicating a more expansive scenario would have been/be overlooked.

  6. firestar1230

    Yes, the officer said SUSPECTS. Reports also said the man used some of his wife's identification. Meaning he very well could have said that his wife was with him to the hotel to get a specific room. Meaning the cops would be informed of multiple people in the room, thinking there are two people there. Meaning the report, initially might say suspects. Meaning that he might be refering to the ORIGINAL report, not knowing what we do now.

  7. Hans Klaus


    The guy who made the badgeman photo from the jfk assasin should use his techniks on this photo. I think Paddock is standing at the left of the 2 damaged windows here, you can see a spot there. i have zoomed very close to the window, increased the contrast. then i saw one circular light spot. Could be the muzzle fire. I am sure he is standing at the window on this photo

  8. America Myhome

    Everyone needs to listen to the recorded police scanners. It will reveal what was really happening during the incident. There are 2 of them. The 2nd recording says they have the suspect down and detained in the vehicle, it is near the end of the recording. They were also looking for 2 vehicles, a van and a SUV.
    They also said they believe it was 2 or 3 shooters. To get the rest, you will have to listen to the 2 police scanner recordings.

  9. Brian O'Malley

    One of the two shooters was the Security Guard. He and Paddock started their massacre, then the security guard turned on Paddock and shot him in the chest. He then shot him again in the head and staged a suicide. He then shot himself in the leg, left the room and microphoned the suspects room for police to come find him injured and play victim.

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