Jason Aldean runs off Las Vegas stage as shots rain down

Jason Aldean runs off Las Vegas stage as shots rain down

Video shows Jason Aldean realizing there was a barrage of bullets being fired during his concert in Las Vegas. Katherine Van Buren, who was recording the Facebook Live, said strangers took her into their hotel room after they escaped the shooting.


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  1. Hush Whisper

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  2. Debedeb

    He should have used his microphone that help those people I cannot believe that he thought maybe somebody is coming to shoot him like he was the more important one that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen anybody doing my life

  3. Teena Giannini

    People shouldn't judge Jason Aldean just because he didn't warn his fans at the concert of the shots being fired. Just imagine in that split second he warned fans he could have been shot. And then people would be crying because their favorite country singer died. And yes he would have died a hero to have let everyone know. But she. You're up onstage singing your eat buds block all background noise. And you can only hear yourself sing. So tell yourself….if you were him and you crew told u to get off asap would you take the chance and turn around to warn people ? Or do you follow your instincts and save yourself?

  4. Delta Airsoft

    “He should’ve warned the crowd”. As if you would be a golden hero on a huge open stage to start yelling through a microphone with a shooter firing toward you. Stop acting all brave and judging him. Y’all would’ve been just as afraid and panicked.

  5. Boozy

    Pussy, but 30 seconds after video… assholes turn on the floodlights… seriously do you understand? Pussy, runs from stage then serious idiots light it up… seriously they need to be charged with stupidity… CUT THE POWER dumbasses!

  6. Nicole Hermann

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  7. Sagacious Assessor

    You've got to admit, this looks really bad on him. He just scampers off like a frightened cricket, leaving his adoring fans innocently standing around wondering what's going on. He was probably speeding off in the tour bus before those poor people finally realized they were being killed.

  8. NelsonClick

    Everybody wants to pin blame on Jason Aldean like he had any control over the situation. You know where he was running? Not to get away from the bullets but directly toward his pregnant wife just off stage. His first instinct was to protect her and their unborn baby. The band left the stage before he did. Nobody's a hero or pussy in situations like that. We're all the same human then.

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